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Grading Guide for Buyers & Sellers

Not sure how to rate cards? Sick of buying cards and receiving them in condition below the seller's assessement? There is no excuse now - simply follow these steps to grading and buyers & sellers will benefit.

Some of the classic auction site descriptions that hinder the industry:

"good for their age"

"look at the photo and you be the judge"

There's usually no harm intended, but these descriptions are a hinderance to the transaction, and are often an excuse for the seller to over-estimate their item! Buyers deserve to know the facts, Sellers are responsible for providing them!

It works both ways...

If you are buying a card in "Good" or "Very Good" condition, remember, it will have faults! Only "Mint" is perfect, so always adjust your expecations accordingly to avoid disappointment.


So what are we looking for when grading a card?

With any card, the following areas need to be assessed, then applied to our easy guide below:

  • Structure - Is the card damaged or incomplete in any way? Is the card suffering from minor, major or multiple creasing?
  • Corners - Are they sharp, rounded or do they resemble a paintbrush?
  • Edging - Are they white, flat, clean, frayed or browned?
  • Surface - Is it worn? Are there any spots, patches or discolouration?
  • Rear - Are there pen or tape marks?
  • Centering (cut) - Is the card well centred, both horizontally and vertically?

So what are the categories?

Click on a heading or card below to view the card with these qualities

Cards fall into one of these categories, or between categories if they have elements of each.

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